Gary’s Story

I have been in parish ministry for 30 years with the Anglican Church of Australia.

I continue today in parish ministry as a part-time chaplain with Anglicare, and part-time as an executive coach/pastor with a Christian and Missionary Alliance local church.

My continued interests are in creating safe places for reflective and life-giving conversations for our clergy, chaplains, theological students, and lay leaders. Good conversations can generate fresh perspectives and resources for personal and ministry resilience, including better mental health


I orginally went to Moore Theological College in Sydney and was ordained Anglican in 1986. Later in my career, I graduated from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena USA with a Doctor of Ministry, where my research was on ‘ identifying criteria for church effectiveness in mainline churches in post-modern Australia’.

 Later on, I completed the Pastoral Supervision course at St. Mark’s National Theological College, Canberra.

At mid-career, I experienced serious burnout because of overwhelm. This led to studying in the USA about how to be effective in the ministry. As a result, I now help people to grow their ministry to include spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, relational volitional health.

To this end, I have created a supervision and coaching practice that is informed by science to help you perform at your full potential with your inspiration to help.

Today, I currently working with “Finders & Keepers”, a group of Christians in Canberra focused on personal growth via ministry assignments to secular people. This is a Christian and Missionary Alliance group and I am an executive on the board. This group is in Sydney and we are wanting to change its culture from inwards to outwards; pastoral-care & discipleship coaching in a large Christian organisation.


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