Be the Spiritual Leader You Have Always Wanted to Be

“At mid-career I experienced serious burnout because of overwhelm.
This led to further study and learning how to be effective in the ministry. I now help people to grow their ministry to include spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, relational volitional health.”

Gary Mulquiney

Get Help to Find Your Clarity,
Confidence, and Courage.

Through my years as a minister and with my supervision and coaching years, I have developed a keen interest and proficiency in personal and professional development, as well as leadership emergence. I have been able to help others in discipleship, personal organisation, and development growth.

I see a direct connection between spiritual, personal, and professional competencies and the ability to live our lives to the fullest. Through my passion, I have designed a mentoring process of these ideas called, ‘Finding Your Place’ and says of it:

” It helps people to find their place in life by giving skills to help make better life choices which are more aligned with career, spiritual life, and our life dreams”.

This directed approach gives people the tools and skills to grow towards their hopes and dreams instead of being stuck, plateaued, meandering, or scattered.


“I Help People Align Career, Spiritual and Life Goals.”

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